Pre-Game Odds

Pre-Game Odds 

Get ahead of the game with the most popular pre-match odds service in the market

LinePros Pre-Games Odds Service provides bookmakers with everything they need to create and manage their own sportsbook.

We provide pre-game line odds aggregating third-party pre-game odds and lines, and built a proprietary service providing pre-game odds for more than 100 unique markets covering all “Big Six” US Sports.

Along with our Live Betting Trading Service, our Pre-Game Trading offers are generated independently, with a driven algorithm and mathematically correct markets for operators, using the same maths and data sources.

Our dedicated team of experts gather and trade in-house all markets. They carefully monitor price changes from more than 100 bookmakers worldwide to deliver verified and prompt results. With 100% accurate and quickly delivered pre-match odds, our clients feel more comfortable setting their bets.

This is how we guarantee the most reliable and effective pre-game odds service in the market.


  • 100%  Live Matches Coverage
  • Possible integration via XML with 3rd-party trading platforms
  • 100% Tradable real-time lines
  • All games are manually managed by exception
  • Fluid lines with minimal suspension
  • Experienced traders & analysts monitors all games
  • Based in North American time-zones [/span5]