Live-Betting Odds

Live Betting Odds

Maximize your profits with the most popular Live Betting Odds Service in the market

Live Betting Odds are very popular among gamblers. It brings more customers who are willing to wager more often and across more platforms, maximizing profits and driving exponential growth for Sportsbook operators.

Having 27/4 support is now critical to capture these revenue opportunities in a rapidly growing gambling industry. North American sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and associated College Sports) has become on of the best valued markets that offers high-margins outside of traditional football/soccer markets.

LinePros Live Betting Service offers a complete trading solution for live games and game coverage for third party operators for all North American Sports, providing full live betting pricing, and covering all profitable top-line markets and scores of derivative markets.

All live betting pricing is automated with proprietary algorithms and Linepros data sources, and is managed by trading experts.


  • 100%  Live Matches Coverage
  • Possible integration via XML with 3rd-party trading platforms
  • 100% Tradable real-time lines
  • All games are manually managed by exception
  • Fluid lines with minimal suspension
  • Experienced traders & analysts monitors all games
  • Based in North American time-zones

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